Education Support for Marginalized people

Education Support for Marginalized people

Project brief: To absorb marginalized community in the mainstream development process by establishing Dalit and Indigenous students’ education rights is the objective of this project. In our long run working experience with Dalit and indigenous students it was observed that even if they were admitted in the schools, they could not continue their study due to financial incapability, lack of education-friendly environment, and indifferent attitudes of their parents. Some of them who continue study do not get quality education. However, those who are continuing or have completed their study are very poor in standard compare to mainstream community students. So, by establishing child animation center at the community level, FAIR trying to support their study by providing coaching, financial support, education components,  monitoring and other relevant different activities by involving school teachers, parents and students at community level. The project teachers who work at the support centres play the role of a guardian. Through extra-curricular activities including wall magazine, birthday ceremonies, cultural activities, these kids are inspired to flourish their creativity and receive their learning in a friendly environment. At present 324 students are studying at the 08 Child Animation Centers of the project schools.


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