About Fair Tech

Fair Tech is a technical institute established and funded by the FAIR. We offer a range of industry-led qualifications from trades through to short course programmers that are future-focused, developed alongside industry and provide student with practical skills so they can pursue their career goals.


To be nationally recognized as an innovative leader in multi-sector education and a source of work-ready, resilient and enterprising students.


Partnering through the learning and career journey. Helping learners to increase their contribution to society. Collaborating with and contributing to the industry, secondary schools, and the wider community. Taking a system-wide perspective to the delivery of effective and efficient learning services.

Our Courses

Professional Courses:

1. Web Application (Full Stack Developer)
Course Duration: 1.5 Year

2. Web Development (Customization and Maintenance)
Course Duration: 1 Year

3. Designer (Graphic Design)
Photoshop, Illustrator, Light Room
Course Duration: 1 Year

4. Video Graphy (Video Editing, Motion Graphic)
After Effect, Premiere Pro
Course Duration: 1 Year

Our Courses

Professional Courses:

5. Animator (3d Animation, 2d Design)
Adobe Animator, Auto CAD
Course Duration: 1 Year

6. Digital Marketer
SEO, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate
Course Duration: 1 Year

7. Sales and Marketing
Market analysis
Course Duration:1 Year

8. International English
Spoken, Content Writing
Course Duration: 1 Year

Is tech the right career for you

A tech career is a great opportunity for anyone curious, creative, and passionate about learning. The tech industry is unique in its endless and diverse possibilities: you can flex your creativity and your logic, do deep independent work and take part in exciting collaborations, be part of a small but mighty start-up or a big-time company… the list goes on!

High Salaries

It’s no secret that tech has some of the most competitive salaries around. Randstad reports that the average annual IT salary in 2021 was $87,300 (up to over $5,000 from 2020), with the top 10% of earners seeing their salary surpassing $123,250.

Endless Growth Opportunities

If you’re a lifelong learner, you’ll love all of the opportunities for growth in tech! You won’t find yourself hitting a wall and feeling “stuck” in this industry. In tech, you’ll always be learning new languages and in-demand tools to apply them in various roles, across a wide range of different companies and industries.

Great Perks & Benefits

Even pre-pandemic, tech was known for more flexible work arrangements, such as remote or hybrid work models. And whether it’s generous health benefits, paid time off, employee stock options, gym memberships, or endless snacks, tech has some of the best perks and benefits for their employees!

High Demand

The demand for tech talent has remained high before and during the pandemic and is expected to keep growing exponentially. From retail to education, to finance, to healthcare, and more, most sectors rely on tech to function. To put it simply, the world will always need tech — this industry’s not going anywhere!

Meaningful Work

Tech has the power to share knowledge, solve problems, and connect us. Working in tech means playing a direct part in creating digital experiences that are useful, meaningful, and enjoyable. It’s nothing short of rewarding!

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