FAIR Management

[heading heading=”Management Structure with Leadership Pattern:”]

The Director is delegated by the Executive Committee (EC) to run and manage the FAIR office and oversee the implementation of all its projects. The Senior Management Team (SMT) comprising of project key persons, senior finance persons and the Director is the main decision making body for the day to day running of FAIR and reviewing compliance to policies and progress of the different activities. Regular meetings are held to review progress and issues of concern. Staff meeting is held monthly/weekly in every project. SMT meets at least once a month and the Director presides over the meeting and takes all the important decisions in a participatory manner.

[heading heading=”Governance:”]

General Committee (GC) is the supreme authority of the FAIR which is consisted with at least 21 members. General Body brings any amendment in the organisational structure. General body of the organisation confirms the yearly organisational activities and accounts. General Committee elects the 09 members Executive Committee (EC) for two years. Director is the ex-officio of the EC. The General Committee meets at least once a year to amend constitution & all policies and approves new policy, budget, recruit auditor etc.

The Executive Committee is accountable to the General Committee for its doings and organisational management. The body is responsible for better functioning of the organizational activities. The EC meets at least once every three months.