Prantikjon shikkha Andolon (PSA).

Project brief:

To ensure education rights of Dalit and Adibashi and marginalised students by providing education support (coaching, education materials & stipend), Prantikjon Shikkha Andolon has been formed. Prantikjon Shikhkha Andolon is an initiative of FAIR and civil society members.  The project is trying to mobilize its fund through earthen banks, sponsorship, voluntary services, and collection of one day tiffin allowance from different mainstream school students. The project has also taken initiatives to build up social responsibility among mainstream students so that they gradually come forward to assist marginalised people of the society.

Project objective:

  • To take initiatives in enrolling and providing  educational support to disadvantaged marginalised communities including rights deprived Dalit and Adibashi;
  • To support deprived communities to be skilled manpower by providing education on information & technology, communication, and technical education;
  • To increase social responsibilities and sympathies towards deprived communities including Dalit, and Adibashi.

Target group:

  • Students of disadvantaged marginalised communities including rights deprived Dalit, and Adibashi communities of Kushtia district.
  • Different professional groups.
  • Mainstream School students.

Project duration:

January 2012 to till

Working areas:

Kushtia district

Main action

  • One to one meeting.
  • Sensitization and mobilization meeting and sharing with general peoples.
  • Earthen bank distribution and collection.
  • Education support to Dalit and marginalised students.

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