Dewan Akhtaruzzaman
Dewan Akhtaruzzaman
Director (Chief Executive)

Dewan Akhtaruzzaman is a prominent figure in the field of human rights and social development in Kushtia, Bangladesh. He is the founder General Secretary and Director of FAIR, an organization that works toward the empowerment and upliftment of marginalized communities.

Mr. Dewan’s passion for social development began during his student life, where he was actively involved in various social development activities. He went on to establish the Sonartori Coaching Centre, where he served as the Director before founding FAIR.

Apart from his role in FAIR, Mr. Dewan is also associated with several other human rights, social development, and cultural organizations. He serves as a trustee member and treasurer of CDL Trust, Kushtia, and is a lifetime member of the Association of Rehabilitation of Child Criminals. He is also a founder member of Kushtia Literature Academy and serves as the Secretary-General of Oitijya Parishad, Kushtia.

Mr. Dewan holds a Master’s degree in Commerce with Honors in Accounting. Dewan Akhtaruzzaman is a seasoned professional who has received training in various domains related to human rights and social development. As a master trainer, he has facilitated several training programs on topics such as human rights, women’s rights and gender, child rights, organizational capacity building, participatory action research, advocacy and communication. He has also attended several seminars and symposiums on these topics.

As a human rights activist, Mr. Dewan is committed to the establishment of human rights and dignity for marginalized people who are deprived of their rights and opportunities. His dedication and hard work in this field have earned him a reputation as a respected and influential figure in his community.