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Please join us to change the lives of the discriminated and Marginalized poor people in Bangladesh.
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Since its inception, FAIR has been implementing various programs for protecting human rights of marginalized communities.
We take initiatives as a humanitarian response during natural disasters and pandemic that helps the affected people to turn around.
We have undertaken social enterprises that help us in our mission to empower marginalized people and to gain our self-sustainability.
We have undertaken some social development programs that help to empower marginalized people in various unstable situations.

Discover what’s possible when a community creates together.

We believe that every community has strengths and potential to change their condition. We act as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people so that they can change their condition.
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95k Peoples in Bangladesh

We stood by the most backward and deprived people in the society. We believe that we can make them happy, even if only a little.
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Join Us
Join Us
We’re ever looking for philanthropists to join our mission to create a better life for marginalized and deprived poor people. So, we welcome you with a warm heart.
By donating to FAIR, you are helping us to reach more people and to expand our services in vital area. We are very grateful to receive what you can afford to give. Donate here!
Shop Now
Shop Now
Generate free donation for the poor people by purchasing products from FAIR shop. Each of your purchases contributes to help create a better future for the poor people.
Give a Gift
Give a Gift
Your every gift helps brings a change in the lives of helpless and marginalized poor people that makes new dream for them. Give a gift for the marginalized poor people .
Although Bangladesh has become a middle-income country, many people including person with disabilities, Dalits, ethnic minority, women and children are still deprived of various government services and facilities. Please join us and give your talent, gifts, or resources for a bright future of these people.


Every donation is significant that helps to change the lives of the poor. Donate here to give a better future to the poor people!
Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

You have the power to make a real difference in your society. We’ll help you find the right opportunity to get involved here.
Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Become a sponsor for a child and your valuable gift will bring happiness and change to a child’s stable and fruitful life.

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