Campaign on Free-legal services

To establish justice in the society by stopping all forms of violence against women and children campaign are conducted by the project among the public especially women of remote areas so that they can have at a glance scenario of the available services and the way of getting the services and the procedures of communication etc. Loud speaker campaigns are conducted in word number 15, 17, 21 & 24 of Khulna City Corporation on 15-18 February, 2015. Every day during campaign session campaign are conducted in the public places, gathering, slums areas, from 9AM to 4:30 PM. Coordinator of the project, 2 solicitors, and paralegal of the respective word were attended at the campaign. Concern counselor of City Corporation, members of Multidisciplinary groups, local influential’s, and representative from BNWLA were present 4-campaigns. 75 complaints are received during the campaigns. Public were informed about the project activities and services and express solidarity by attending or supporting all the campaigns.

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