Dalits in Bangladesh and Safeguarding their Rights

Daily Sun

17 May, 2017 12:00 AM

The term ‘Dalit’ is a Sanskrit word that means “those who have been broken and ground down deliberately by those above them in the social hierarchy. Those at the bottom are considered ‘lesser human beings’, ‘impure’ and ‘polluting’ to other caste groups.

They are usually descent based and these communities often suffer from related practices of discrimination, segregation and untouchability. By occupation, ethnicity, language and family name they include Rishi, Rabidas, Muchi, Majhi, Jaladas, Paroi, Kaiputro (Kawra), Beara, Nikari, Shikari, Swarnaker, Kapali, Kumor/ Kulal, Kuar, Sutradhar, Karmakar, Hari, Goala, Chamar, Bauri, Suri, Mali etc.

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