Vocational Education in Bangladesh for Abdul Rouf: From Poverty to Prosperity

Vocational Education in Bangladesh for Abdul Rouf: From Poverty to Prosperity

As seen in the story of Md. Abdur Rauf, vocational education in Bangladesh has the power to change lives. A determined youth from a poverty-stricken family, Abdur Rauf turned his life around through sheer determination and a six-month plumbing course offered by FAIR, a nonprofit rights-based organization. Today, he earns an average of TK 500/600 per day. He successfully supports his family financially and ensures a steady income. His adventure from poverty to self-sufficiency is a testament to the influence of vocational training and hard work.

Humble Beginnings

Md. Abdur Rauf’s house is in Char Thanapara of Kushtia. He was born into a family of six., his father Md Abul Fazal works as a day laborer and his mother Manwara Khatun is a domestic worker. At 27, Abdur Rauf is the eldest of four siblings. With his father’s meager income, it became tough to meet the expenses of such a large family. Due to financial constraints, Abdur Rauf completed his SSC examination but the education of his two younger brothers and sisters stopped in 8-class.

Early struggle and determination

Abdur Rauf was forced to abandon his studies and start working as a day laborer due to the financial crisis of the family. His younger brother also joins the day laborer to bring prosperity by increasing the family income. Her father then took a loan from the NGO for her younger sister’s wedding expenses. Despite these challenges, Abdur Rauf was determined to find better opportunities and improve his family’s scenario.

Discover the path to success

In February 2020, Abdur Rauf’s life took a great turn when he came to know about a vocational education project for marginalized communities implemented through FAIR with the support of AF Mujibur Rahman Foundation. And he admitted a six-month plumbing course. Utilizing this opportunity that came into his life, he completed the course with great success. Through dedication and perseverance, he effectively completed the route in July 2020. This new-found ability brings him permanent employment, now earning TK 500-600 per day. His hard work paid off, and he became the primary breadwinner for his family.

A grateful heart

With a sustainable income, Abdur Rauf has lifted his family out of the cycle of poverty and ensured a decent lifestyle for them. She is now self-reliant and proud of her ability to support her family independently. Abdur Rauf is deeply grateful to the AF Mujibur Rahman Foundation and FAIR for giving him the opportunity to transform his life. Creating opportunities at FAIR has enabled her to build a bright future and provide her family with a sense of security and happiness.

Inspiration for others

Md Abdur Rauf’s journey from poverty to prosperity is an inspiring story of resilience and determination. His success indicates the importance of vocational education in Bangladesh in empowering individuals. Abdur Rauf’s story serves as a beacon of hope that anyone can overcome adversity and fulfill their dreams with the right use of opportunity and unwavering determination.

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