Celebration of International Women’s Day 2024

Celebration of International Women’s Day 2024

March 8th marks International Women’s Day. Celebrated globally since 1914 with the intent to establish equal rights for women. From 1975, the United Nations has recognized this day as ‘International Women’s Day’.

In Bangladesh, as in other parts of the world, this day is commemorated with great importance. This year’s theme for Women’s Day is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.”

FAIR, as a human rights organization, takes the initiative to celebrate the day with due dignity, like every year. To highlight the significance of the day among school students, a joint initiative of FAIR and Karujog organized a discussion meeting at Chand Sultana Secondary School today.

Dewan Akhtaruzzaman, director of FAIR, gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the discussion, which was chaired by Tajnihar Begum, vice chairman of FAIR. Highlighting the historical context of Women’s Day, he said, ‘To bring equality between women and men, women must come to education and work, and women must stop child marriage’. He also said that they should dream of growing up at a young age and nurture them by doing good studies and social work.

Neelratan Bagchi, the senior teacher of the school, spoke as the guest of honor. FAIR’s Finance Secretary, Kazi Rafiqul Islam, also spoke as an honored guest. He called on all women to unite and advocate for the dignity and equality of women and to combat violence against them. Fariha Akhter, President of the school’s Mercury Science Club, and Tanha Rupanti, General Secretary, also gave speeches.

Tajnihar Begum said in the chairmanship’s speech, “The women of our country cannot be the guardians of their children; they can only be responsible.” He advised the students to stand on their own feet and create their own future by studying.

Students from different classes of the school were present at the meeting. The meeting was operated by FAIR’s project coordinator, KM Harisul Alam. Kaushik Ahmed Shaon and Robin Kumar, project officers of FAIR, provided overall support and coordination.

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