Physcally challenged Noyan going to school again

Nayon sheikh (13), son of Motiar Rahman and Namesa begum of Koya union of Kumarkhali Upazilla. Though school is far ‍away from his school and he is not competent for schooling Noyon enrolled at the local primery school. but in 2008 due to social stigma, financial crisis of the family and self physical inabilty his education stopped at class two. Noyon stayed in the home. FAIR started schooling in 2013 beside the home of Nayon school teacher Shukran take initiative to admit Noyon in the school and discuss with his parents. Primarily his parents did not agree by showing his physical incapability but finally agreed. To make his movement easy Noyon provided a wheel chair. After admission Noyon regularly attended all his classes, play and  particpate with friends. He is attentive to his lession and serious to get a good result. In the last annual exam he got CGPA 4.00 and promoted to class four. Now his parents are hopefull of his future, they think after completing his  education Noyon will eastablish a shop in front of their home and start a normal life.

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