Finally Jesmin got parental acknowledgement With support of FAIR-CLC

About 11 years ago divorce occurred between the Complainant Jhorna Begum (32) and Defendant Nurul Islam (38). Since then Jesmin the daughter of defendant and complainant is staying with her mother. Jesmin did not get any recognition from her father and did not provide any alimony to jesmin. By considering future of Jesmin her mother Jhorna did not get 2nd married and gives labour for earning. Now jesmin read in class six. On February 2015 during a legal campaign Jesmin complain to get alimony.


FAIR-CLS issued letter to both parties for resolution, both attended the mediation accordingly and finally defendant is agreed to provide monthly 500 taka alimony. Moreover he also wishes to meet her daughter every month through FAIR-CLC. Jesmin is now happy to see her father, and father also happy to see his daughter.

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