Puja Rani returned her home

Puja Rany is the daughter of Azadlal and Basonti Rani of GK Colony, Kushtia. Her father is extremly poor and excluded from the mainstream society as a cleanner. In 2014 Puja rani got married with Riponlal of Gonoktuli Harijon Colony, Dhaka . But after some months of their marriage problems arose in there congugal life.

Ripon demanded One lac taka as dowry money but poor family of Puja did not agree to the proposal of Ripon family. This is the starting and then in every moment Puja is tortured both mentally and physically by Ripon and his family. After some days she returned to her parents family. On 8.2. 15 Puja complaint to the free legal service center of FAIR. FAIR arrange a mediation by issuing letter to both families. Through the mediation the conflict is now resolved and Puja is living with Ripon lal with their expecting children.

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