Background of FAIR
Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR) is a human rights and research based non-profit, non-government, voluntary organization established in 1995. Having duly registered with Social Welfare Department, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, registration No.Kush-247/98 dated 05 October, 1998 and NGO Affairs Bureau registration No-2533 in 2010, the organization started its operation in 1998 for the welfare of the disadvantaged and deprived of rights, downtrodden, distressed, illiterate and unaware, especially socially excluded and marginalized Dalit, indigenous, women, and children in the country. The organization is run by a group of dedicated and committed people full of youth, vigor and innovation.

It has been working with Dalit community for a long time to promote their rights and dignity in the society. At the same time, it is also working against domestic violence, Right to Women & Children, Right to Equality & Social Justice, Right to Health, Right to Education, Right to Participate, Right to Social Security, Right to Information, Right to Language & Culture, Right of Indigenous & Minority Peoples, Rights to Environment, Right to Land & Natural Resources in the country. Gender and disability is the cross cutting issues, it has been integrated in all FAIR's programs. FAIR is also playing a key role in reducing the drop-out rate of schools and upgrade the standard of education of Dalit and Indigenous students. The organization has achieved some successes in terms of establishment of the rights and dignity of those communities. Additionally, it has been conducting issue based research especially on socio-economic state of the Dalit in Bangladesh.

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